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Attention to detail is the key to success

Your collection is spectacular; the colours are splendid with design and appearance in perfect harmony. Responsible for visual merchandising you know how important the combination of all the different factors is. You know that attention to detail is the key to success. Never under estimate the importance of the coat hanger: its colour, material, design and extra features. Hanger Company is your specialist. We have been supplying competitively priced, top quality coat hangers and accessories since 1988. Our range of models is almost endless, with our own designs and those that meet our customer’s specifications. Delivering top quality is one thing. But how you deliver is what really counts. We believe in maximum flexibility, fast delivery and faultless service. This has contributed to our leading market position and has allowed us to forge longstanding relationships with respected companies.

Design, materials, shape and colour

Our coat hangers are manufactured in our factories around the world: Europe, Eastern Europe and South East Asia, all delivering an extensive range of high quality materials and models. Just tell us what you want. Our designers will transform your ideas quickly and easily into tangible products. Our studio will gladly create a virtual sample for you, giving you an excellent impression of the finished product.

Custom-made as standard

Product specialisation and cost efficiency allow us to offer every customer unique custom-made products at highly competitive prices. Often for the same price as standard of the shelf products.

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Call, send an email or a WhatsApp message. Let us know what you need and we send you some samples or plan a meeting to say hello. Whatever you like and no obligations of course. We speak Dutch, English and a workable German.